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Being a musician for my whole life, working on many different projects with different instruments, different people, different styles led me eventually to the best and most passionate achievement of them all, THE WEIGHT.

The Weight – #redcarpet at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2018
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Management: management@theweightrock.com
Booking: booking@theweightrock.com
Label: info@heavyrhythmandroll.com



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  •  P. Moosbrugger, K. Y. Rozier, Johann Schumann, “R2U2: Monitoring and Diagnosis of Security Threats for Unmanned Aerial Systems”, Springer International Journal for Formal Methods in System Design 2017, accepted
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  • A. Puhm, M. Kramer, P. Moosbrugger et al., “Problems and Solutions for Refitting a Sensor Network with IEEE1588 Clock Synchronisation”, ETFA 2014, accepted
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  • T. Reinbacher, J. Geist, P. Moosbrugger, M. Horauer, and A. Steininger, “Parallel Runtime Verification of Temporal Properties for Embedded Software”, MESA 2012, accepted

One of my creations

…it’s aliiive!

Some of the Projects with my participation



Keep on  running … thats all you need to remember 🙂

Scuba Diving

I am a PADI certified Advanced Open Water Diver.


In combination with my love for travelling, I was lucky to dive in awesome spots like, for example:


  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • The Red Sea
  • New Caledonia
  • … and many more …

Snowboarding  & Skiing

Growing up at the foot of a Mountain, my love for Snowboarding and Skiing was almost inevitable.



… don’t know where it starts … don’t know where it ends …